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Objective for Social Studies:

            My mission as a Social Studies teacher is to show the ancient world through an Islamic perspective.  We will studies various civilization with Islam is our basis for the Truth.

6th grade Social Studies programů

            In sixth grade history, students will be actively involved in learning about the history of mankind from the earliest known people up to 500 AD. Ancient civilizations studied will include Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Greece, and an introduction to Rome. Cultural similarities and differences will be examined. Current events will be linked to concepts studied. Students will also be introduced to archaeology. A geography component will include learning the seven continents, four oceans, major countries of the world, and physical geographical terms.  A variety of activities are provided which integrate language arts and social studies materials.



Map Skills

Unit 1 

  Chapter 1   Lesson 1

Chapter 2   Lesson 1 Chapter 3    Lesson 1

                          Making Hypothesis

                        Lesson 2                           Lesson 2

                          Lesson 2

                        Lesson 3                            Lesson 3

                          Lesson 3

                        Lesson 4                            Lesson 4





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