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Chapter 1                                                                                                                              Lesson 3


Moving into the Future


Rain Forests:  dense evergreen forest in a tropical area with an annual rainfall of at least 110 to 140 inches.


- Today the rain forest are in danger.


- Issues like the fate of the rainforests have faced people throughout the ages.


- Decisions of the past have affected our lives and decisions made today will affect people for ages to come.


Deforestation:  the process of clearing away trees or forests.

·        People cut down trees for lumber.

·        They use land for grazing animals, growing crops, or building settlements.


- In ancient Rome, deforestation caused flooding.


- Deforestation is a global problem.


- Deforestation of the rain forest is a problem we face today.


- Effects of deforestation:

·        Rare plant and animal species that rely on the unique habitats found in rain forests become extinct.

·        When logging operations clear vast areas, topsoil is washed away, so nothing will grow.

·        The slash and burn method pollutes the air and may contribute to the “green house effect,” the gradual warming of the earth’s atmosphere.

·        The livelihoods of native people, such as those who extract material from rubber are destroyed.

·        When the roots of tree and plants that sock up water are removed, flooding can result.


- Learning from past examples can help us solve the problems of today.


- Understanding the history of other cultures can help us solve problems in today’s multicultural world.