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Chapter 1

The People of the Past

- Studying the past allows you to "see" the faces of the famous and nameless people who lived thousands of years before you.

-Details about the past help us understand how people lived long ago.

-Egypt conquered Kush, a Nubian Kingdom, somtimes in the 1500s B.C.  Nubia stretched from the Southern border of ancient Egypt almost as far as present-day Kartover, Sudan.  Nubia was a major trading center, shipping cattle, gold, ivory, and slaves.  Most of the gold that adorned wealthy Egyptians was mined in Nubia.  Nubia's most important kingdom, Kush, flourished until about A.D. 350

-Evidence from the past shows that ancient people used many of the same kinds of objects we use today.

-Ancient people's lives were similar to and different from our lives today.

Daily Life in the Past

-Daily life in the past was similar in many ways to daily life today.

Family Life:

    Family - related people or unrelated people brought together by common bond.

Nucleus family:  consists of a father, a mother, and their children.

Extended family:  consists of the nuclear family plus the families of the children when they grow up and marry.

Alternative family: consists of individuals who live together for economic, political, social, or religious reasons.  These people may be or may not be related.

Family Role:  family is responsible for raising the children.  It also passes on values, beliefs, and customs from one generation to the next.

     -teaches the type of behavior that are accepted in a society.

    -Parents teach their children basic attitude and values of their society.

The Study of the Past:

    History:  study of the past

        -When we study history, we are able to draw the people and events of ancient times closer to us.

        -We can see how our lives are similar to theirs and also how they are different.

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