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Chapter 2                                                                                                   Lesson 2


Understanding a Map


I.                   The Extent of a Map

a.     A map is a flat representation of the earth’s surface

                                                             i.      Scale:  the ratio between actual size and size as represented on a map.

b.    Mapmakers and geographers use scale to show distance on a map.

c.     Mapmakers and geographers use an imaginary grid to locate place on a map.


II.                The Content of a Map

a.     Cartographers:  Mapmakers

                                                             i.      They use symbols to communicate information on a map.

b.    Legend:  the explanation of the content of a map.  It explains the symbols used on a map.

c.     Inset:  a map or image that accompanies another usually of one area of the accompanying map or image at a larger scale.

                                                             i.      Cartographers use insets, or small maps within another map, to show information about a smaller area.

d.    Lines of latitude and longitude, legends, symbols, insets, and scale make up the basic language of most maps.

e.     Maps can be valuable tools whether you’re learning about an ancient culture or simply trying to find an unfamiliar street in your own hometown.