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Spelling and Vocabulary

Touch System

levied verb imposed or collected.
meted verb distribute or apportion; allot;  meting land to homesteaders; meted blame
forebodings noun feelings that something bad is going to happen.
roadsters noun An open automobile having a single seat in the front for two or three people and a rumble seat or luggage compartment in the back.
Shylock noun A ruthless moneylender; a loan shark in Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice.
victrolas noun (Trademark) early types of record players
pidgin adjective A simplified form of speech that is usually a mixture of two or more languages.
time exposures photographs made by exposing the film for a relatively long period of time, often for several seconds or more.
Caruso's noun celebrated Italian opera singer.
crestfallen adjective having had one's feelings or pride hurt.
adept adjective highly skilled; expert
prodigy noun extremely gifted or talented person, especially a child.
recoil verb draw or shrink back as in fear, horror, or surprise.
deemed verb thought; believed; judged.
assemblage noun gathering of persons.
implied verb suggested or expressed indirectly.
verged verb The point beyond which an action, state, or condition is likely to begin or occur:  on the verge of tears

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