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Classroom Rules

  1. Students are required to follow the Granada Dress Code.
  2. Students are expected to be in their assigned seats, ready to start class, at 8:00 AM.
  3. Students are expected to bring supplies and textbooks to class every day.
  4. Daily assignments, including homework, must be turned in on time. Late daily assignments and homework will not be accepted and will receive a zero.
  5. Students are responsible for make-up work when they are absent. If this work is not turned in, it becomes a zero.
  6. The classroom is a place to learn. Proper behavior is expected at all times.
  7. Students are expected to treat adults and other students with respect.
  8. Bathroom and hall passes are limited to absolute necessities.
  9. Access to lockers during class will not be allowed to get supplies, textbooks, or assignments.
  10. Gum, candy, toys, and grooming items are not allowed in the classroom.
  11. Students are to use pencil for all assignments. Blue or black ink will be used only for designated assignments. A red pen is required in all classes for daily grading.
  12. Students are to use proper headings and titles for all assignments.
  13. All textbooks must be covered. Do not use adhesive or sticky book covers.

Home  |  Teacher  |  Language Arts  |  Social Studies  |   Classroom  |  Recommended Books