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Star Come Out Within – Notes


Descriptive details:  create a picture with words that appeal to one or more of the five senses – sight, sound, touch, taste, or smell.

    Example: description of Alec

Sight: the writer gives a clear picture of what he looks like and how he moved.

Touch: the simile comparing Alec to the sunrise suggests tremendous emotional warmth.

Sound: there is a sound of respect in his voice.


Prefix: is a word part added at the beginning of a word.  It changes the meaning of the word to which it is added.

Example: unwound and impatient.  “Un” and “im” are both prefixes meaning “not.”  Unwound means “to reverse the process of winding up” and impatient means “not patient.”  Other prefixes that mean “not” are in-, non-, and mis-.


Characterization is the way in which a writer reveals a character’s personality.  The writer may do this by telling us what the character says, thinks, or feels; by telling us what other characters think or feel about the character; or by telling us directly what the character is like.

Example: Jean is a lively, sympathetic, highly interesting young woman.  Her nervousness about teaching, her mismatched shoes, and her affectionate descriptions show this.

Drawing Conclusion

-Strategic readers draw conclusions when they take small pieces of information about the characters or events and use them to make a broad statement.


-Based on the information provided by Jean, we can make some conclusions about her class.  The students watch for opportunities to help Jean by finding things she has lost.  The students are interested in learning, especially about their own medical disabilities.